Have you ever wondered what's going on in someone else's head? Well, you will never stop wondering.

Stockholm syndrome is one of the things our sweet country's capital is known for. Listen to episode 10 (!!) to hear the story of how it came to be. Even those involved in it didn't seem to know what was happening.

Whenever you see it mentioned on films or crime series from now on it'll mean something completely different. Enjoy~

This episode is very long btw, just a heads up :9 Police snipers in wait with the media in case they come out or pose a danger... or both perhaps.

You know the line, right? Well, last episode we went down Sala Silvergruva and there it be ghosts.

The upload schedule is every 2 weeks. We couldn't make it work in less than that no matter how hard we tried so it ended up just being postponed for an eternity. But we didn't want to quit at all and we are coming out with more for anyone who's up for it.

Now we'll start working on EPISODE 10!!!!!! Honestly never expected much, but I'm pretty stoked and are absolutely going to celebrate the little things (^.^)~

Episode 9 stuff:

LaxTon investigation (swedish, with eng. subtitles) -

History from their website -

I know, I know, we've been out of touch and offline for over a month and there's no excuse. But we are not going away and we are making big plans for this pod as well as in our lives altogether.

We have some pre-recorded episodes left that we need to edit and release, but our biggest issue right now (except that it takes forever to edit) is that we don't have the flow going. We need to place ourselves behind the mic again, because that's where we are comfortable. I like editing, but it's not the part of the creative process I'm good at.

So, Ez is moving cities and I'm starting a medicinal thing right now that will hopefully leave me with more energy and Shia LaBeouf-do it moments. But I can safely say: expect an episode this weekend and then we'll go from there.